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Shiseido The Collagen EXR Tablet 126 Tablets

Shiseido The Collagen EXR Tablet 126 Tablets

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Ingredients: Collagen peptide (including gelatin), bilberry juice, bilberry juice, emblica fruit extract, milk calcium, strawberry seed extract, konjac extract, hyaluronic acid, Wenzhou orange extract, crystalline cellulose, vitamins C, HPC, sucrose ester, silicon dioxide, colorant (titanium dioxide), higher fatty acid, cyclodextrin, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, carnauba wax
Care Instruction:  ❤︎ Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. n After opening, please tighten the cap tightly for storage. ❤︎ Do not touch the tablet with wet hands. ❤︎ Contains desiccant, please be careful not to eat it by mistake. Please refer to the raw materials, and those with food allergies should not eat.  In addition, depending on the constitution and physical condition, it may not be suitable for taking in rare cases, so please do not take it in such a case. ❤︎ If you are receiving medical treatment due to illness or are pregnant, please consult your physician or pharmacist before taking it. ❤︎ Diet should be based on staple food, main dish and side dishes, and have a balanced diet.

Launched by Shiseido The Collagen, a brand that breeds beauty, it is a beauty and health care product that creates three-dimensional, elastic and beautiful skin from the inside out. Help to cultivate the foundation of beauty and keep the skin elastic and youthful every day.

Nutritional ingredients per 6 capsules (2.05g) Energy 7.5kcal, protein 1.1g, lipid 0.061~0.098g, carbohydrate 0.60g, salt equivalent 0.028~0.20g, vitamin B24.0mg, vitamin B610. 0mg, vitamin C100mg

Instructions: 6 capsules per day with water.
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